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I once knew a man, a Real Estate agent who studied sales scripts and objection handlers as if his life depended on it. More accurately, it was not his life but his livelihood that depended on the use of language to create coherence and understanding with a client or potential client.

Within a year, he was out of Real Estate. Gone. Even with all the study, all the live practice, all the accolades from his broker, he was taking acting lessons and never auditioning for the play.

Is it better to know what to say or dive right into an appointment? Using the analogy of being on stage, what would the audience think if you, the actor did not know your lines? Would the play take the shape of an improvisation, with you being skilled enough to take direction from whatever came up in the moment? Regardless, none of it works unless you are ON THE STAGE.

Study and practice lead to confidence. Good communication creates meaning for our clients and prospects. Experience counts in Real Estate and in acting, leading to more roles and a higher pay scale. How do you get experience? You go on appointments, evaluate the effectiveness of your sales scripts, adapt, and go on more appointments.

There is a ratio to this work, one that is clear when you are tracking your results. If the results are not what is desired, or the ratio of appointment to listings taken needs to be tightened, the answer is in studying better communication and going on more appointments.

How many Seller appointments do you need to go on to generate a listing? The percentage can vary between 50% and 90%. When you know your numbers you can adapt to create your destiny.

So tell me again, why are agents…like yourself, who want to be a contribution to others, who want to increase income, who want to be self assured, are not auditioning for every available role, or not practicing their parts?


If you would like to study better communication through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), study at your own pace through online lessons.

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