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Time and HOW

I confess, I am a lover of words that instantly convey meaning. Hence, the title of my blog…Sell with Meaning.

One of my favorite poets, Joy Harjo was just named U.S. Poet Laureate. Her words can convey the depth of the human experience in a few simple lines. I’m reading one of her poems this morning from her book, Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings. This statement struck me as the essence of our dilemna for anything we are trying to bring from our dream into reality. “Time and how are the mysterious elements of any life.”

As a coach primarily for Real Estate agents, we are always working with the wrangling of time, and we have a lot of “How” questions.

  • How do I get more business?
  • How do I get more time?
  • How do I handle client objections?
  • How do I hire an assistant?
  • How do I juggle all of my commitments?

And those are only a small portion of the questions that arise in a day.

“Time and how are the mysterious elements of any life.” We are always trying to solve these mysteries to grow a business, raise a family, and move forward. Sometimes it helps to have a little help.


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