Your ACTIONS tell people NO (and you don’t even see it)

Your nonverbal body language will automatically express a NO when you are thinking NO, For instance, if you are thinking, “I don’t want this listing”, you can’t help but start acting like you don’t want the listing. So, watch, and observe your internal thoughts (Monkey Mind) when you first meet or speak with someone.

I was doing a workshop and we were practicing an NLP exercise that demonstrates the energy of our thoughts…our body will always convey at least a glimpse of our thoughts to the other person. An agent in the audience was illustrating how she could hide her dislike of animals when she went on a listing appointment. We discussed the process of how she did this by bringing up a past experience, and in the moment of describing seeing the seller’s dog, there was a flash of disgust that went across her face for an instant. Think the seller’s did not see or feel that? They could not have missed it.

Our non-verbals are always saying “NO” for us.

Have you ever:

Ignored an internet lead?

Not returned a phone call?

Slumped in your chair instead of mirroring and matching?

Looked off into the distance instead of making eye contact?

All of these are instances where you have said “NO” on an unconscious level without even saying a word, and then wonder why a client went elsewhere or has conflict with you. Controlling your inner thoughts will reflect through your non verbal actions. We cannot hide what we are thinking. And if you are thinking “NO” ask yourself these questions to clarify your reasons.

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