Words Matter

Every word and phrase we use has a meaning for our client. With a simple change in our words, we can create new meaning. Consider the meaning of speaking to someone about a seller ” concession”. 

Definition of CONCESSION

a:  the act or an instance of conceding (as by granting something as a right, accepting something as true, or acknowledging defeat)
b:  the admitting of a point claimed in argument

Understanding that most of our sellers would not want to acknowledge defeat or lose an argument, there are several ways create a different meaning through language. 

  • What are some other words you could substitute for the word “concession”?
  • Could you illustrate what you call a seller concession with a story that brings more clarity to the client?
  • How can you create a conversation that gives the seller a win instead of conceding?

Concession is one of the “C” words you will want to reframe and refrain from using with clients. (hint: The other “C” word to shift is commission).

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