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Who is Richard Bandler?

Richard Bandler may not be known to the average person, but to followers of NLP, he is a celebrity.

NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  was founded in the 70’s primarily by two men,Richard Bandler and John Grinder. l traveled to London and model and train with co-founder Richard Bandler himself!

Richard Bandler has written several groundbreaking books on NLP that can enhance understanding. 

Using Your Brain for a Change (1985)
Magic in Action (1992) 
Time for a Change (1995)
Persuasion Engineering (1996)
The Adventures of Anybody (1993)
Conversations (2005)

The application of NLP to anyone in business is extraordinary, especially those of us in sales.

1. NLP is like a “users” manual for the mind. 

What we see and hear is what we think about, and what we think about is what we feel, and what we feel influences our reactions, and our reactions influence our habits which influence our destiny.

2. NLP is the study of excellence. It’s an attitude of learning, curiosity, and ways of being in the world. With NLP strategies, we can have excellence at our fingertips whenever we choose.

3. NLP is the conscious and unconscious modeling of patterns of others. 

4. NLP is not a thing. It is the study of of what works, especially what works well. 

In this short video from Richard Bandler,  he talks about NLP in business and how precise communication and predicates will win over “sloppy” communication.  One of the things you will learn in April’s NLP series is how to be more conscious of what you say and how you say it…which will automatically change the response you get. Some of the patterns you will learn are: Conversation Shifts, Double and Single Binds, Cause and Effect Language, and more. These patterns help close people faster and with ease. 

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