What You May Not Know About Rapport

Do you think about Rapport?  Here is what you may not know! From an NLP perspective, rapport is the process of connecting with someone on an non-conscious level. You can think all you want about rapport but it occurs because you see the other person as a hero on a journey (no matter what).  Whether you are talking to someone about listing their house, or communicating with other agents, the qualities of trust and harmony are important. These qualities are the benefits of being in rapport. 

When you have rapport, you can be in an argument with someone and give the appearance of a disagreement but still work together effectively when there is rapport present. When rapport is broken, things can go south in a hurry. 

“Rapport is the antidote to all negative factors” says Anthony Bradbury, social psychologist. Rapport is the ability to show someone that you respect and understand them as human beings.

In my NLP classes, we work with the practice of mirroring and matching to get into rapport. When we internalize the process without even thinking, greater success in all of our communications will occur. 

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